Catalunya Radio vs. 9.55

Catalan radio and american radio have many differences, but at the same time many similarities. Aside from the language barrier, walking into the catalan radio station was very different from my experience walking into an american radio station at home.

The most popular radio station in Detroit (my hometown) is 9.55. I went there a couple years back for a tour. My friend was interning there and wanted me to see what her work life was like. She was excited to show me all of the aspects of the station.

I found a lot of differences from the two separate visits. A major difference is that in The United States, there are different radio stations for different reasons. There is a sports broadcasting radio station, a news radio station, a station that just plays music, and a station that gives you information on stocks.

When I visited Catalunya Radio, I noticed that the station serves multiple purposes. There is a sports section downstairs and then a music section upstairs. You wouldn’t find that in the U.S.

Depending on what type of mood you are in, there are many different radio stations that you can listen to.

In the United States, there is XM radio also known as Sirius radio. It is a satellite radio service. It provides 69 channels of music, and 65 sports, news and entertainment channels. Sirius broadcasts 24 hours daily and is always commercial-free and uncensored. They offer variety to every type of genre that listeners would want to hear. 

Catalunya radio doesn’t seem to have this. They broadcast exclusively in Catalan.  They have 4 separate stations. Catalunya radio, musica, informacio, and iCat fm. Catalunya Radio was the first station. It is a general station that broadcasts 24 hours a day. The Musica section mostly plays classical and contemporary music. It also broadcasts 24 hours a day. The Informacio station was Spain’s first all-news station. iCat fm is linked to the internet and promotes traditional and contemporary culture.

When my friend showed me around the station, we started with the offices of the controllers. We then saw the room with all of the discs.  It seemed like they had every type of music and every song ever recorded. It was the same at Catalunya Radio. They also know exactly where everything is. It is organized by artist. At Catalunya Radio, it was the same.

We then met the DJs. They were so fun and friendly. They seemed really cool. To be a DJ, you have to have a big personality. 

I enjoyed both experiences. I learned more from the Catalunya Radio visit. It was something different. I have listened to 9.55 for my whole life. I knew what songs they played and a lot of what the station is all about. I thought my visit to Catalunya Radio was very informational and cool.