Advertisements=the new drug

Why do we let advertisements change the way we think? Society as a whole gets sucked into this economic bubble and has trouble breaking out of it. Advertisements give off this slanted perception of what is right and wrong. Do we really want the products we see in advertisements? Probably not. Do we as consumers want these products because of the image that is given off in the ad? Probably.

We see a beautiful woman or a celebrity rocking a hot new pair of sunglasses in a pool surrounded by very attractive men. There is alcohol in the hands of the men. It almost looks as if they are handing her the drink. Alcohol most of the time equals a good time. This is exactly what is being shown in this ad. She looks like she is having the time of her life. What could possibly be better? In this ad, Jessica Alba is doing exactly this in a advertisement for Ray Bans.

Advertisements can also be very demeaning towards woman. It is much like rap songs. In most rap songs, they are rapping about taking advantage of woman and looking at them as if they are objects who don´t have feelings. A lot of songs have really bothered me in the past. I take lyrics to heart, unlike some of my friends. I don´t want men to ever treat me the way the rappers are speaking. I want full respect. In some advertisements, they show women half naked with men caressing their bodies. In this ad, it almost looks as if they are trying to get her drunk enough to be able to take advantage of her. They are all individually handing her a drink. She also has a lot of cleavage showing. It looks like they have photoshopped her body. They perked up her boobs and slimmed down her waist. Is this how advertisers think women should look like? That is the image they are giving off. What must young girls think when they see this ad? Their self confidence must diminish greatly. Very few woman actually look like this. In fact, I feel as if this body is unattractive and not believable. I feel bad for young girls who have to look at this ad and think that that is how they should look.

Why do we let advertisements sway our opinion? Why do we sometimes let them bring us down? I do have to say that sometimes they can shed light on situations. There are days where I feel down in the dumps and feel as if nothing can pick me up. When I come home after a long day and flip through the pages of the new issue of ELLE Magazine, seeing bright colors and beautiful photographs can be helpful.

We live in a society where buying materialistic items makes us happier. I have dealt with this in my own experience with the death of my dad.

I have always been an excellent shopper and have loved every minute of my time in a store. Lately, I haven´t been caring about what I wear, what I buy, and what items I own. All I care about is the loving relationships with the people around me. There has been an exception in my recent personality change. Shopping has been very therapeutic. Ads have not played an active roll in my life lately because I would rather shop in an actual store. The act of purchasing items gives off endorphins.

Advertisements have a way of changing people’s views and opinions.  They are powerful and extreme, yet millions continue to be released into the world everyday. I am even guilty of having advertisements suck me into purchasing something.