How much is too much? Has social media gotten in the way of leading private lives and preventing us from getting the opportunities that we deserve?

What is the purpose of Facebook? Not that I am against Facebook because I live for that site. I just don’t understand the concept of it. So people post pictures to show everyone else how much fun they are missing out on? I am not judging. I do it too! Ever since I got to Barcelona I have been Ms. capture every moment. I post 90% of them to Facebook. Are you wondering what I do with the other 10%? Well, it is of the sights that I don’t think people are interested in seeing. Well, if Facebook was for me then it wouldn’t matter what other people thought right? I make people stand in front of buildings just so people will be more interested in looking at my pictures. Who are these people I am referring to? I don’t know! Random people casually stalking my Facebook, my friends, my family, the boy I am currently crushing on I guess. Everyone who looks at my Facebook knows exactly what I am doing at all times of the day. Between my statuses, pictures and comments on people’s walls, every single one of my friends knows my whereabouts 24/7. In fact, I just made a status about my trip to Amsterdam tomorrow. If my friends (and not my real friends, my Facebook friends) wanted to go to my apartment and steal something, they totally could. I will be away for the weekend and I am announcing it to the world. Who are all of my 1,457 friends and why do they need to know that I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow? I love Facebook because it is a capsule of our lives. I can go back to a conversation with my friend from 5 years ago and it will still be there. I have had 5 different phones since then so it’s not like I can go back on my phone and check what Alex’s life was like then. I can see old pictures, conversations, statuses, videos, and you have the opportunity to get wished a happy birthday by 1,457 different people.

I don’t understand the concept of office of admissions and potential employers stalking your Facebook and having that determine if you get into college or get the job or not. Like if I am holding a red cup in a picture am I really not going to get a job out of college. Everyone knows teens drink. I am 20 and I will be 21 by the time I am applying for jobs. For those of you that are unaware, 21 is legal. Therefore, I am allowed to be drinking in pictures and it should have no affect on the decision to hire me or not. My boss this summer at ELLE always spoke to me about partying and what club I went to the night before. It is a normal activity when you are young and trying to get wifed up and find a nice gentleman or just to be social and meet friends!

Now onto other social media devices. Linkedin lets everyone in the professional network let you know what you have done with your life up until now. When you think of it this way, it sounds creepy. It is actually the way that I got the internship I interviewed for today. Yes, I wouldn’t mind my future potential employer to find me and want to hire me on the spot, but I also don’t like how my information is out there for the world of Googlers to see.

Twitter is the creepiest. I am a newbee to the Twitter game and by newbee I mean that I jumped on that bandwagon in October. That is about 2 years after the rest of American was tweeting away. What is a tweet and how does one know what to tweet about? My friends and fellow tweeters tweet about what they are doing right now, and then 5 minutes later they tweet about how they spent their last 5 minutes. Do I care? No. Do I read it? Yes. I am also guilty of this activity. One second I’ll tweet BARCELONA BOUND! The next tweet would look something like this: LANDED IN BARCE FINALLY! Like A. all my followers are aware that I am about to venture off to Barcelona, do they really need to know what exact second I landed? I don’t think that they cared when they found out that I am going to Barcelona exactly what second I was going to land. B. If a serial killer was on the loose in Barcelona and happened to be my Facebook friend because when I first got a Facebook I accepted anyone who threw a friend request my way, they could come hunt me down and kill me. AKA I am not the brightest when it comes to letting everyone know what I am doing with my life.

Basically, hide your info or else you may not get hired, not get into college…. or die. Is it worth it just because you want the world to see how you spent your Saturday night? You decide!